A Local Green New Deal

Human-caused climate change poses an existential threat to human life on earth. We must transition our economy from profit-driven exploitation to one based on resiliency and equality. One of the major causes of climate change is development. What, how, and where we build all impact the sustainability of our communities. Portland can make a measurable impact, not just on the environment, but also for the people who live and work here, because sustainable building is not just about the environment, it’s about the community that lives there too.

What the initiative it does:

  • Increases the quantity and affordability of “affordable units” required by inclusionary zoning to 25% of new units.

  • Increases green building standards and requires solar-ready or living-roof standards for all building projects receiving $50k or more in public funds.

  • Requires additional worker pay and training on publicly-funded projects.

  • Expands acceptable pathways for energy efficiency certification to include Passive House, Living Building, or Green Globes.

  • Closes the “poor door” loophole by requiring that affordable units be integrated, display no outward signage, and use a common entrance with market-rate units.

  • Increases developer buyout from $106k to $150k to be added to the Housing Fund for building new affordable units.

  • Calls upon the City to annually monitor use of fossil fuel infrastructure in the city and develop plans to reduce this to meet stated emissions targets.

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